Create a SinglePageApplication-Website

Hey folks,

i would like to create a Single-Page-Application-Website with Neos just for fun. I created some Neos-Pages some time ago. I want to try out React or Vue.js and would like to use Neos as my CMS. With that approach i would use only client side rendering and render all server responses with json.

Do you think thats possible with Neos?
Has someone done somthing like that an has some tipps for me or a github link?
How hard do you think is all that for a complete react/vue beginner?

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Definitely possible.

You can either use existing APIs, build something custom or even use fusion to render the data. It works pretty well. Also really nice option is the graphql package bastian started:

There are great GraphQL clients for react (and I think vue as well).

Eg apollo.

I think for either the actual setup of building and how to separate modules is the harder part than the actual specifics of the library. Both are pretty good to get into, but having a good setup is important.

We are working on Headless API generator for Neos, currently under development

If you are intersted to help, please ping me

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