Creating a glossary for the German translations

I just stumbled over a couple of translations which were quite inconsistent. For some terms we will have to come up with a unified translation and more generally decide which (technical) terms should not be translated at all.

For example, there are messages which contain the word “node type”. First of all, is that the term we want to confront an editor with? Or should it be “content type”? And if it’s “node type”, should we translate it to “Knotentyp” or leave it as it is?

So, who’s interested in working on a German glossary and in general have an eye on the quality of the German translations?

Please let’s not do that. When talking casually I name node types as “Inhaltstypen” which resembles content types in english.

So yes, having a glossary is a good idea.

exactly. But then we should also rename “node type” in the English UI to “content type”.

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