Current community projects

I would like to suggest an new section to the category “Develop” which should contain the currently work in progress projects of the community to strengthen and streamline the evolvement/development of new packages as a sort of stage.

Hi Roman

Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure I understand exactly what you mean. What kind of projects do you mean here? Things being developed for the core? Or community packages?

How do you see the streamlining happening?

Hi Aske,
I mainly mean community packages like your Varnish package. I mean i have just taken notice after you posted it in the slack channel but i don’t think anybody has taken notice of it. I would like to have sort of an “look over” page to see all community packages. So anybody can know about them or even participate in there development.

Hey thanks for clarifying. Fully agree and it’s definitely on the radar and planned as part of a new website we’re building. There is an old package which was never finished for it that can be used as a basis. If you would be interested in helping creating/finishing it that would be very awesome.

In the meantime there’s

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