Custom editors for react UI

(Leif Hartmann) #1


if I am not mistaken the documentation about custom editor ( is about the old UI and creating a custom editor won’t work this way for the new React UI.

Am I right about that?

If so: Is there any documentation on how to create custom editors for the new UI?


(Benjamin Klix) #2

There is already an issue for this on github, so this is going to be fixed/updated.

(Leif Hartmann) #3

Thanks, good to know!

(Aske Ertmann) #4

See for an example for now

(Leif Hartmann) #5

Thanks. I will look into that.

(sid ray) #6

Hey, Leif Hartmann, you can refer this it has a list of all the custom editors for the react native

(Max Strübing) #7

Hey sid, I don’t think Leif is talking about code editors. :slight_smile: