Custom Menu setting StartingPoint and Filter Nodetype

I want to make a little section in a sidebar “Latest news” it should filter last 5 News (I have defined a Datetime field in a custom node which extends the page). But the problem is I can not force the menu to pick the nodes under news/ which are derived from NewsEntry.
here is my menu structure

  • Home
  • News
    – First news entry (
    – Second news entry(
    – Wrong placed Page (Neos.NodeTypes:Page)

Here is the fusion file

“Latestnews” element, extending the default “Menu”

prototype(Site:LatestNews) < prototype(Neos.NodeTypes:Menu) {

templatePath = 'resource://'
#itemCollection = ${q(site).filter('[instanceof]').get()}
itemCollection = ${q(site).add(q(site).children('[instanceof]')).get()}

startingPoint = ${q(site).children('[uriPathSegment="news"]').get(0)}
entryLevel = 3 #i tried all numbers from 1- to 10, 3 was the actual state while I copied this 
maximumLevels = 10

Thank you in advance.

An unbeautiful solution : Check the node type in html file with
<f:if condition="{} == ‘’">

–do your stuff


I will be very happy if some one comes with a better solution.

Thank you