Custom plugin, plugin views and inlineEditable for multiple actions


I created plugin with actions like index, form, list. When I insert plugin on page with default index action - everything is working fine - I can edit inlineEditable proporties form the backend, but I have problem with form and list actions. To insert my plugin in different action/view I’m using Plugin View.

Maybe it is problem with plugin configuration? How to assign proporties to multiple actions?
In Plugin.fusion i have:

prototype(Vendor.PluginName:Plugin) < prototype(Neos.Neos:Plugin)
prototype(Vendor.PluginName:Plugin) {
package = ‘Vendor.PluginName’
controller = ‘Standard’
action = ‘index’
node = ${node}
test = ${q(node).property(‘test’)}
test2 = ${q(node).property(‘test2’)}
test3 = ${q(node).property(‘test3’)}