Custom subpage list [like Demo:Chapter Menu]

Hi together, I want to build a list which shows all pages which are placed under the container page.

<------------------------------------custom listing element which should list all the posts in the Blog page
–> Bla bla Post
–> Some older Post
–> Welcome 2010

This is exactly the same thing which is in the NeosDemo. When I C/P the code from the Example Site (I change the Neos.Demo:ChapterMenu to mysite.Chaptermenu) , it appears on the element list but when I place it on the top of the page it doens’t fetch the sub pages.




Additionally, here is the definition of the Chapter (extends the Page)

What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance.

Solved, the problem was that I use Site:ChapterMenu in the ChapterMenu.fusion but it was not defined. After I initialize the variable in root.fuison ( it worked.