Date picker is one day off

I have a date picker for an article:

      type: DateTime
      defaultValue: 'today midnight'
        label: 'Veröffentlichungs-Datum'
          group: 'ah'
            format: 'd.m.Y'

But when I use the date picker in the CMS, the date is always one day off. So, for example, if I click on August 10th, the value is set to August 11th.



Neos 8.0.2

Hi. Undoubtedly this seems like a bug.

We use discuss mostly for finding a bug but in this case you could take your post 1 to 1 and create an issue: Issues · neos/neos-ui · GitHub

it would be also super helpful to know in which neos versions it worked and if the behavior is correct if the language is german.

Thanks for the report though!

Thank you, I have created a ticket: Date picker is one day off · Issue #3630 · neos/neos-ui · GitHub

I just read that there will be a new picker in Neos 9, so I guess that will solve the issue.

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