Definition of loading-order for Packages/TypoScripts

Is it possible in Neos to define the loading-order of packages/plugins? I would like to do change or enforce the loading-sequence in yaml- or typscript-settings.

I have problem to use the lang-attribute. It seams, the SEO-Package might load after my own definition of «lang»-property in typoscript. But at this moment I’m not even sure, if this really causes the problem. Have to try, if different loading-sequence solve the «lang»-problem …

I can’t find information about loading-order. Would be nice to get some help to find an answer, the docu, or a work-around, if there are not useful settings in Neos-/TypoScript-Settings.


  • Is it possible to change the loading-order by define a particular setting?
  • Does anyone know the spot in documentation, where the Definition «loading-order of packages/plugins or typoscript» I can find or what kind of search-term I could use for google?
  • Is it possible to printout the loading-order with debug-property or with a flow-command?
  • Does anyone know a solution or a work around?

Thanks Martin


i don’t know that for sure, but i think the loading order is defined by the package order in the composer.json file.


If you want your package to be included before another one just add the first package as a dependency in the composer.json of the second one.

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hi @martoro,
my problem with the loading-order is solved by @aertmann. Seems not to be a problem of «my» abstraction package «base-neos-distribution» and wrong loading-sequence. Rather the bug has plagued me.

Thank you for your help.
For better understanding and to summarize as a real-life example for other seekers:

  • Is «a dependency» synonymous for «use of require» in composer.json? Can’t find the term dependency while overflying the composer-docu.

If yes, would it mean: if I would like to include my package «base-neos-distribution» and the typoscript within (aka Neos-Website «Vendor.Site») after the «typo3/neos-seo»-package:

I have to «require» the ***«neos-seo»***-package in my Neos-Website «Vendor.Site» like this:

    "name": "cleanAndClear/base-neos-distribution",
    "type": "typo3-flow-site",
    "description": "Clean Neos Base Distribution",
    "require": {
         "typo3/neos-seo": "~1.0",        

  • Right summary or do I have misunderstood the therm dependency and your explanation?

That is correct, a dependency is declared by require statements.

But you seem to misunderstand what usually is called a distribution - because a package of type typo3-flow-site is never a distribution. A distribution is the project that contains the root-level composer manifest.