Delete multiple Assets in one step?

does anybody know a solution or workaround to delete multiple assets (eg. 20 images) in Neos Media-Center with one click/action?

Tried with Collection/Tags and click with shift/ctrl, …
Allways I have to delete asset by asset. Would be great to haver a less time-consuming solution.

- How do you do this?
- Do you have a medium-save work-around in database?
- or some flow-help-script? (in ./flow help I can’t find any stuff for Assets)

aggravating is added:

After each delete process, the backend jumps back to 1 page of pagination. If editors have to delete many old images on page 4 to 7 from 20 there are again each-delete-process at least one additional click to go back to page 4 …

- How do you do this? Any ideas for less-click-process?

Hey Martin,

unfortunately we don’t have multiselect / batch editing in the media module until now. The loss of the selected page also annoyed me - would be cool if you open an issue for that on github.

If your usage scenario could be “remove the old images which are not used anymore”, I’ve implemented a command for that lately:

./flow media:removeunused

which removes all assets that are have no usage - e.g. are not referenced in any node.


Hey Daniel,
thank you for removeunused. Could be a good solution. But for editors it would nice to have the multiselect/batch editing.
Will set an issue for the loss of the selected page on git. (@daniellienert: Do I have to create the Issue under Can’t find any issues in or

Hey Martin,

Jep, the neos-development-collection is the right place for that issue.


Is there also a place for feature-request? «Multi-select-solution / batch-process for Media-Browser»