Demo Site as template for own site?

I woud like to use the demo site as basic for my own site. Is any guide available for this? For instances I would like to change the logo an adapt the CSS for this? How can I do this?

I think its here:

Hi Stefan

The logo is coded there as vectors and this must be very tricky to change!?


The neos logo of the neosdemo page is coded in the /Packages/Sites/Neos.Demo/Resources/Private/Templates/TypoScriptObjects/MainMenu.html
after the button-tag.
I think you can delete it (beginn with <a href="{neos:uri.node(node: '~')}">
) and put in something like this <div class="pb-logo"></div>

Then you can set your own logo in the NeosDemo.css with the class .pb-logo { … background-image: …}