Deprecated Node Type Replacing with equivalent Node Type


Since Neos 5 version ,Neos.NodeTypes* has been depreciated hence below node type are not working any more which used currently in my project


So what should be equivalent to above node type so that I can replace with them

The nodetypes package still exists and you can install the mixin subpackages and use those or the whole package which also has a compatibility layer for the old nodetype names.
And there is a node migration to rename your nodes in the database.

Thanks for the quick response and solution.
Can you please let me know, which package do I need to import.

I have the below NodeType

And click on main content collection, I dont see the Headline and Text NodeType.

Would you please help here

As I said, you can still install the main node types package It contains those types.

Thanks a lot @sebobo

It worked.