Development mode in new install

Can someone highlight for me, the procedure to be sure the installation is in development mode?

Recently installed Neos 3.1.0 and wanted to use this for development. But it seems that it does still add files in the Production folder inside /Temporary folder, and my files does not change until i delete the Production folder. The Development folder is empty all the time.

index.html file i Web folder says $context = \Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap::getEnvironmentConfigurationSetting(‘FLOW_CONTEXT’) ?: ‘Development’;

and the conf htaccess file says this: SetEnv FLOW_CONTEXT Development

What else can i do to be sure it is in Development mode?



Nothing more, if the env FLOW_CONTEXT is correct you are in this Context, if it’s empty you are in Development

Take care if you edit the .htaccess to not push it in production, or your production will be in the wrong contexte.

Hi @kimholberg

If you haven’t got this up and running and need help, give me a call (I know you got my number :wink: ) and we can sort this out and post the result here afterwards :slight_smile:

Hi Søren, will call you as this is stil an issue for me.


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With help form Soren Malling we solved this issue.

As this is a local install with Bitnami, they moved the htaccess file to the config file under apps/neos/config. In this file the setting:

SetEnv FLOW_CONTEXT Production

happens twice (which must be a typo)

In line 89 you have the same text, so you need to set this to Development too, or comment that out.