Different routes same content? Is it possible out of the box


I think will be a quick question for You all :slight_smile: .

I want to achieve something using neos routing and I don’t know is it possible out of the box.

For example in my neos page tree I’ve got:

  1. bucket with job offers. (/bucket/job-items/)
  2. page which lists those job offers (/de/jobs/)
  3. other page which list same offers (/de/other-jobs/)

Question is how to achive situation like that for page number 2 and 3 i have two different pages and subpages with dynamic content fetched with node identifier with good url path. For example:
2. /de/jobs/offer-1
3. /de/other-jobs/offer-1

Is it possible out of the box with only fusion?

Top of mind, untested:

With the Fusion Case definition in the root part of your Fusion, you have acces to the request object. In there you can match the request path via a condition and if true you could somehow render a specific node

You can definitely configure route parameters (eg. plugin parameters) as part of the URI path with a custom route.