Dimension command utility

We have node migrations for the important node stuff like adding dimensoins and such but it’s hard to find. How about adding a command controller (internally using the migrations) just for syntactic sugar?

Maybe even a backend module?
Backend module would require a way to login to the backend and accesssing modules without a working site, which is another thing we should tackle at some point.

Hey @christianm, I assume ‘Dimension’ in the title should be ‘Migration’? :wink:

Honestly I almost never use node migrations because they require a specific version (iirc), it would indeed be far more convenient to have some wrapping command that applies ‘required’ migrations or so. I wouldn’t do the backend module as it’s a tipical step to execute during the first deploy to live after upgrade (if some would dare to do that :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hope I understood the question correctly :wink:

Hey Christian,

I like your idea, and what about giving these migrations an “alias name” where you can run them by as well?

All the best,

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