Disable automatic word breaking

Hi guys,

I have a submenu which has ul li items with auto width.
In Neos 1.2 it worked perfectly. The items were getting 100% width depending on the inner word length without word breaking.

Since Neos 2.0 the words are breaking at nonsense positions.

How can I disable this feature?

Thanks, greetings

Adding “white-space: nowrap;” to the li element did the trick :smile:

word-break: keep-all and word-wrap: normal didn´t work…

Hi Andy,

Does this CSS change happens only in backend context (with an editor logged in) ? In frontend mode, Neos does not load any CSS … so that’s sound a bit strange to me.


Hi Dominique,

I don´t know why “white-space: nowrap;” is required since neos 2.0.
Maybe I did a mistake…

The strange thing is that my li element has no blank space to brake!

<f:for each="{items}" as="item">
     <li class="{item.state}">
        <neos:link.node node="{item.node}">{item.label}</neos:link.node>


<li class="normal">
  <a href="/de/portfolio/immobilienberatung.html">Immobilienberatung</a>

Hey Andy,
is there any chance to send a link where we can see that behavior in action?