Disable caching in implementation of AbstractConditionViewHelper


I’m currently developing an implementation of AbstractConditionViewHelper. In this implementation I want to check whether another member is in the same team as the currently logged in user is. Since every member may be in one or multiple teams I need to perform an intersection check inside the viewhelper.

The member to check is specified in an argument member of the CanEditMemberViewHelper. The currently logged in user is retrieved from the injected security context.

I implemented the code in the render method of my CanEditMemberViewHelper. This partially works now. But the problem is, that the result of the viewhelper is cached. After flushing the cache, the first time the viewhelper works nice. Afterwards the calculations aren’t done any more.

I suppose the viewhelpers calculations are cached. How can I disable the caching of AbstractConditionViewHelper implementations?

Hi there

I’ve just encountered a very similar situation:

After developing a widget, the widgets fluid template gets cached as well. When I use this widget inside a f:for loop some variables are being cached :-S

Anybody knows what’s the matter here?

Hi Peter,

just to make sure: You are talking about a Flow app, not some Plugin within Neos, right? (otherwise see [SOLVED] ViewHelper Cache for a similar issue)