Disable editing of a shared footer on subpages

I registered a shared footer just like it is described in the docs.

From a backend user experience perspective it’s not clear why the footer is editable on each page, but the footer contentcollection is just on the root page.

Is there any way to make the footer “not editable” on any other page than the root page?

Inside the footer part in Fusion you can add the following condition to disable the editable wrapping:

@process.contentElementWrapping.@if.onHomepage = ${site == documentNode}

Didn’t test it, but it should work like that.

Thank you.

It basically works. But this just disables editing the ContentCollection. Every element that is inside (for example a footer menu) is still editable.

a clever hack would be to use hierarchical prototype overrides (untested)

footer {
  prototype(Neos.Neos:ContentElementWrapping) {
    @if.onHomepage = ${site == documentNode}


This is a working solution.
Thank you.

Thanks for the hint!

This was also my solution to display a non-editable ContentCollection on a child template. E.g. a Teaser text from a parent Section-Node shown on a child Category-Node.

A little feedback for the Neos-Team. Without this post. I guess I would never found the solution for my problem. The information provided on these docs pages were not helpful :man_shrugging: … but maybe that’s just me :thinking: