Dockerizing neos

Hey dear neos ppl! :smiley:

I’m currenlty looking for an approach or best practice to dockerize the whole neos application for an HA dev/int/production setup. I thought about a seperation like:

  1. Dockerimage: php7
  2. Dockerimage: MariaDB
  3. Dockerimage: Nginx
  4. Dockerimage: Some caching like redis? Is this important?

Each with an alpine linux and all together orchestrated inside an kubernetes cluster. Did someone already managed to achieve something like that, or do you know any good resources for knowlegde?

Secondly it would be great if you have some good LDAP extensions/SSO recommendations :slight_smile: and/or good documentations :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much!

Hey Ben,

we’re running some Neos instances on a similar configuration and it works quite well for us. I recently stumbled upon, which can be a replacement for alpine - I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising.

Hey Bastian,

thanks for that link. I’ve managed to get a starting architecture, but now i’m struggling with the neos installation itself. My goal is to get the cleanest way of an neos installation. How can i install neos without entering into an container? I thought about an docker-compose parameter with vendorname, import package from, delete the demo project etc. just the basic composer and flow parameters. Maybe you’ve seen something before somewhere :slight_smile:

I’d rather suggest using your own repo that already contains e.g. your Site package and just running a composer install when the container is built/started and importing db dumps and resources if necessary.

I would appreciate an official Neos Docker image. We have to make it much easier to try Neos in a fast, reliable way.