Docs Sprint Organization | Hamburg, 4.12. - 7.12

This is just to summarize all the information regarding the upcoming docs sprint.
If you want to participate in the sprint, please get in touch with one of us!

Dec 4th to Dec 7th, 2018.

Sitegeist Office, Poßmoorweg 2, 22301 Hamburg
There is currently a room reserved for us with capacity for 6 people. If more people want to attend, I’ll organize a larger room.



This is open for discussion, of course.
My suggestion is to kick off the sprint planning on Tuesday 4th, at 13:30 in the sitegeist office. This gives everyone enough time to arrive and get themselves sorted. If we’re there sooner, we can start early of course. If you can’t make it to the sprint location by that time, please speak up here.

We should close the sprint with a retro/summary and next steps. I suggest that to be again at 13:30 on Friday 7th. Again, please speak up if that doesn’t work for you.

Food and Drinks
Awesome coffee and drinks will be sponsored for us by Sitegeist (Thank you @lisa_sitegeist!). We’ll take care of food by ourselves.

Sprint topics / what will we do
We have Funding request: Documentation as a rough outline of what the sprint is about. I see two major areas of work:

  1. Filling holes and fixing bugs in the current documentation. This includes tutorials e.g. for the installation of Neos.
  2. Working on the “docs vision” - this means collecting, grouping and evaluating ideas for the target state of the docs. This includes discussions about target groups, content structure and hierarchy, technical platform etc. and will likely be a long-running project that goes above and beyond the sprint.

Organizing the work to be done
I have created a sprint board at Let’s collect the work we want to do at the sprint there. Please make the issues you create as small and actionable as possible.

Final words
Please add anything you feel is missing above - be it content-wise or organization-wise. Thank you all for participating and making something happen here! :slight_smile:

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Confirm will be there from Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th.