Documentation guild - meeting protocol 2018-09-26

Hey folks,

just to document what we discussed today - anyone who would like to join in, feel free to do so.

Participants: @mstoyanov, @rolandschuetz, @chkoeppel, @christianm, @beheist


  • Everyone’s motivation and biggest pain points with the current docs
  • Rough ideas regarding a documentation platform, pros and cons of the current setup
  • Target groups and the necessity to have a vision for the future docs, and what steps to take to get there
  • Examples of other projects that have good documentation
  • A possible “tutorials platform” with high-quality, community-contributed tutorials.
    • Tutorial blueprints / templates: what should a good tutorial contain? What does it look like?
    • What examples are there for good tutorials?
    • Idea: use this platform also as an aggregator for external tutorials (in 3rd party blogs / youtube videos / etc…)
    • How do we create incentives to write tutorials on that platform? How do we “pay”? (e.g.: with money, exposure, social credit, all of them, …)
  • How do we make the documentation visually appealing and fun to use?

Decisions / Action Items:

  • We will move the discussion on slack back to #guild-documentation and close #project-future-docs, as it’s not like the docs guild channel is used for many other things :wink:
  • We will start collecting issues with the documentation in this github repository, to have one defined place where we can discuss and play with ideas:
  • We will especially start collecting “quick wins”, where we can quickly fix/remove/rewrite some broken, incomplete or outdated parts of the docs

Next meeting dates:
The next calls are planned for:

  • Oct 16, 14:30
  • Nov 7, 14:30

Feel free to join if you’re interested in pushing the docs forward :slight_smile: