Dom-range-detach broke admin

Hello Guys, I’m blocked with warning message in backend and as consequences disabled admin. After full page load in admin I’ve got in console
"‘Range.detach’ is now a no-op, as per DOM (" after this when I would like move to another site, the site is reloaded as exptected, but when target site is loaded I see only text without css/js and admin wrapper. It’s happen in chrome, safari 9.0.3, chrome 48.0.2564 and firefox. In safari and firefox waring is not thrown into console but the rest is the same.
I was worried about colision with my js and css but after I disabled them, error still appear

ok if someone will have this issue, I have a variable in page.

   page = Page {
    isBackend=1 <- was a problem
    head {