Domain.tld/{parameter1}/{parameter2} -> Neos Fusion Document Type (not structured nodes)

Hey :slight_smile:

I’m at looking at creating a number of landingpages, where the content is based on the value of the path similar to Zappier

In my case the url will be something similar


How do I come around having Fusion render this? Is it “best” (in terms of performance et all) to do it in the /root Case of Fusion? Create a Routes for the pattern? Or a different way?

property1 and property2 is to be used for a query like this

values = ${String.split(this.path, '/')}
${q(site).find('[instanceof Vendor.Package:Document]').filter('[[uriPathSegment == "' + this.values[0] + '"]')}

Looking forward to any help or pointers :slight_smile:

This is similar to what happens when you have a pagination for example. For that I use a custom route that also calls the FrontendRoutePartHandler. Then you have your two properties in request.arguments

Can you share code or more details?

You can find the example I spoke of in my blog repo

Okay - let me try that :slight_smile: Thanks!