Dummy question - thumbnail vs. image viewhelper where is the difference?

Hi everyone,
I’m a bit shamed to have to ask this question, but I just don’t get the difference between those two viewhelpers. I know that in the database a separate thumbnail table exists, but from the neos docs reference I just don’t get the difference between image and thumbnail.

Is there a benefit to use the thumbnail viewhelper instead of the image viewhelper? When should you use the image viewhelper and when the thumbnail viewhelper.

As an example, in http://neos.readthedocs.io/en/stable/HowTos/CreatingContentElement.html the image viewhelper is used …

Thank you and sorry for this probably stupid question…

Not a stupid question at all… I don’t know why we need two ViewHelpers for this and their doc comments are… the same :no_mouth:

So the difference is that the thumbnail view helper accepts AssetInterface instead of ImageInterface, meaning it renders thumbnails for any kind of asset, not just images. This means it will also render a thumbnail for PDF or Audio files e.g., and here it will fallback to an icon. Back before we had thumbnail generators, you couldn’t control what it would render and thus the distinction was necessary as you might not want an icon rendered for non image assets.

However I do agree it’s a bit confusing now and it’s mostly a backwards compatibility thing, but the difference between the two is still there.

Even more confusion is that there’s now an additional thumbnail view helper that accepts AssetProxy’s needed for the new media browser.

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Hi @aertmann,

and with all these thumbnail viewhelpers: How to create a thumbnail of the first page of a PDF document in frontend, as it is done in media browser?

Could you start a new thread with that question please?
“Hijacking” old threads can cause confusion and will spam the previous participants with notifications :slight_smile: