Editor Permission

I wanted to revoke Editor to Publish on Live Workspace, but he can publish on another workspace base to Live.

Can anyone help with Policy.yaml or other methods?

Hello, maybe it is helpful for you to use a UI based policy management.
Maybe give https://github.com/sandstorm/NeosAcl a try :slight_smile:

If you need additional help just continue with this thread. :slight_smile:

Thank you, but I’m using Neos 4.0

Neos already has a role “RestrictedEditor”. Just assign it to them and that should solve your issue.

Thank you,
I have created 3 workspace,
Editor can access Editing and Control, but cannot publish to Live but can View Live
Restricted Editor only can Edit on Editing, but can view Control and Live

Looking for this solution

So what exactly is not working for you?

I want one of my internal workspace to not edit by restrictedEditor.
How do I restrict workspace for some role.

Trying this POLICY.YAML
matcher: >-
&& ‘isDescendantNodeOf(“aa8e3ae4-8fde-4534-a4d7-fa4bf1d88871”)’

        privilegeTarget: 'Plan2net.EditNode:Book1'
        permission: DENY

But not working

Hello @sebobo

After server deployment I am facing this issue

Exception #1395869320 in line 258 of /var/www/html/schrackforstudents_cmsbackend/Packages/Framework/Neos.Flow/Classes/Security/Policy/PolicyService.php: privilege target “Neos.Neos:OtherWorkspacesAccess”, referenced in role configuration “Neos.Neos:ShrackEditor” is not defined!

How to resolve this?


And locally it works?
Are you dependencies correct and your package depends on Neos?

Yes on local machine it is working fine, on server deployment with new Policy.yaml
the issue started

I assume your composer.lock file or something related to the dependencies is incorrect. Try reinstalling the project locally and see if you can reproduce the error.

Yes composer.lock having typo3/flow
do I need to replace them with neos/flow.
Any example composer.lock where I can see them

Can you help me in that

composer and lock both are here

Please check and feedback, I am new to neos getting things a bit harder.

Sorry don’t have time right now to look into your files.
You can always check the desired version of the https://github.com/neos/neos-base-distribution repository and its composer files.

Thank You @sebobo
I will look into the GIT link and try to resolve the issue.

Thanks a lot for your help