Editor Workspace gone, how to recover?

We are now filling the site with content, there was appearing an error. One page disapeared so i was looking in the history. there wehre 80 unpublished steps. i removed the last step from history and published the rest the we got an flow error which told me to run this command:

./flow node:repair --node-type TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Page

I was looking again in the backend the page is there but without content.

I started to edit another page and removed som content, then i added a copy of other content and got this error in backend:

Node workspace not found in allowed workspaces, this could result from a detached workspace entity in the context

How to i recover the lost workspace from our editor. there is nothing shown in the history. Nothing is unpublished.

It was very much content we lost, the whole page.

Thanks for help.

Hard to say without seeing what exactly has happened. I guess the database could give some insights.

If you add me at XING i could send a sql dump.