EmailFinisher : How to use form.formState.formValues immediately?

I use EmailFinisher with format «html» and have problems to use the form-values. Maybe I do something wrong.

By chance I discovered that form-values are usable/filled after a <f:for>-loop. Before them, form-values are not rendered.

  • Is <f:for>-loop always necessary?
  • Do I use form-value-expression wrong?
  • Is there a better practice to use formValues in fluid-email-html-templates immediately?

#My Approach:
It seems as if the values have to activating some how (expression in {curly}-brackets have to be filled). Before <f:for>-Loop: No rendering of curly brackets.



Output in html-email:

The value «Test 6» is only usable after the <f:for>-loop. Before, the fluid-rendering ignores the same expression within curly-brackets.

##Plaintext E-Mail
In plaintext type of E-Mail, form values are immediately usable.

Output E-Mail Plaintext:

The value «Test 6» is also usable/rendered before the <f:for>-loop.