Enter URL parameters

A short question:
How can I enter values for the URL parameters in my StandardController with the Framework Flow, so that the URL contains something like:

Many Thanks

LG Mark

The *Actions methods in the Controller can take arguments from the url like this.

public function indexAction(string $a = null, string $b = null): void

Thanks, but I would like to have a URL called in this action that has the appropriate parameters.

you mean building an uri with flows uriBuilder?

atm on phone but the docs should point you into the right direction how to create uris :wink:

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I’m still not sure what your final goal is.

If you want to link to a controller action from a fluid template, have a look at the <f:link.action /> Viewhelper.

If you want to link to it from fusion, see Neos.Fusion:UriBuilder.

If you need something else, please give more details on your current position in code and what your final outcome should be.

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