Entity Proxies in Fluid View

Hi all

In my application I have an object of “session” scope (annotated with @Flowy\Scope("session")). In this object I have two properties: $sources and $target. The $sources property holds a Doctrine\Common\Collections\Collection of objects where as the $target holds a single object of the same type as the source objects.

When I assign my session scope object to a fluid view, I am able to access both properties. I am also able to access the title property of the session objects target property. The count of any objects in the $sources property can be accessed with the corresponding f:count() viewhelper. But I can’t access the sources objects title properties. Even the debug output of the sources objects and their title properties in the fluid view are NULL.

The debug output of the $sources property shows, that the individual objects contained in the collection are proxies. Could this be the reason why I can’t access their properties? How can I convert these proxies into “real” entity objects where I can access the relevant properties?

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Peter Gisler

Oh noooo :frowning:

I just discovered a quite stupid error - so please ignore (or delete?) this post!

Everything works just fine!

What was the error - plesae share.

It might help other in the future.