Error: flow core:setfilepermissions does not work properly

Finally I installed Neos on a virtual server after several faults. The root cause of my problems was a wrong file permission which were not set properly.
I followed the installation steps as described here: Installation Neos CMS 3.2.0. My environment: Debian 16.04 LTS , Plesk Onyx 17.5.3, Apache 2.4.18
I installed Neos as user karsten (group=schulze).

All files have been installed with owner=karsten and group=schulze:

drwxrws— 5 karsten schulze 4096 Sep 26 23:24 ./

The instance of apache for this domain runs with userabc and groupxyz
After the command:

sudo ./flow core:setfilepermissions karsten userabc groupxyz

the file permissions has been set in the right way and the group of all files as well. But the owner of all files wasn’t changed to userabc. The next step (setup) was not successful and generated a 500 server error.

I assume that the flow command does not work in the right way.

You have to change the owner of all installed Neos files before you call the setup! Execute the following command in the same directory where flow is installed:

sudo chown -R userabc ./

Maybe someone can verify and confirm this problem and the workaround.