Error while setup neos 4.3

Hi I have a problem with installing Neos 4.3 on a test system.

Infos about the System:

OS: Debian Jessie
DB: 10.4.7-MariaDB
PHP: 7.3.2

The migration of the database is aborted and I get the following error message:
Thanks for your help.

Hey Leon,

we currently only have MariaDB 10.2 in our test matrix. Possibly we have an issue with MariaDB 10.4. Would you please open an issue at

In the meantime, it would be great if you try the setup with MariaDB 10.2.


Thanks for your reply.
An issue on github has been created ;).
Soon I will have time to deal with the test system again.

I will try the neos setup with mariadb-10.2.


with mariadb version 10.2 neos works fine :slight_smile:
Thanks for your tip

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You’re welcome! And thanks for creating an issue.