Event Sourced Content Repository: Roadmap


I’m not sure where to post this, so I’ve chosen “Newcomer’s Corner”. Please feel free to move this topic in another folder if necessary.

As many other people (I guess), I would really love to use the ES/CR on one of our next projects. I think @skurfuerst-nc2021 (and others) did a great job so far and i know that a release date is hard to predict without having unlimited resources. But do you have some kind of roadmap? https://github.com/neos/contentrepository-development-collection/blob/master/README.md seems to be outdated or is it true that the latest essential feature has been finished over a year ago?

And maybe more important: How to support the development of the ES/CR (development, testing, etc.)?


Recently a weekly ESCR Talk was introduced:

That’s awesome. Thank you.