Export and Import Through Command

(adil ansari) #1

The new template has been created on our site.
We need the export and import into a different site

How it could be achieved ??

(Soren Malling) #2

You have site:export and site:import commands for such things


(adil ansari) #3


Tried running using below command
./flow site:export –package-key News.Demo —filename= test.xml

But there is no file created with test.xml which has been mentioned in command (expecting all the data will be imported in same file so could be imported through Neos import command)

(Soren Malling) #4

What did the console return? If you just do ./flow site:export --package-key <your-site-package> what happens? Be aware that the --package-key is where the exported data should be saved

(Soren Malling) #5

Did you work around this issue or exported it in some other way?