Export to XML or JSON

Since we also have partners with external content offers (specialist library) on our Neos-based platform, the requirement now arose that it must be possible to export this content into a file in the event of a possible dissolution of the partnership.
Specifically, all content should be exported into an XML or JSON file.

Now the question:
Is there a way to export all content (the entire site) into such a format so that this content can be used again on another platform?

Many thanks

neos has build in support to export the site to xml (flow site:export)

but this xml is of course only understood by neos itself.

so you likely need to build yourself an own adapter :wink:

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Either as Marc said the site export which would contain the nodes and referenced assets.

Or create a custom export with the required fields and data. There is no generic solution as this is so specific to the use case.

I created GitHub - Sebobo/Shel.Neos.Reports: Report generator module for Neos CMS node data for a customer a while ago which allows to configure node data that should be exported to Excel. If that is almost what you need, it shouldn’t be hard to extend.