Extending a Base Site Package?

Is there a way to extend an site package from a base site package?


I would expect it to work by simply requiring the base package as dependency in the composer.json of the extended site-package. The only special thing that comes to my mind is that you will have to include the root.ts2 of the base package from your extended package.

What kind of problems are you facing?

I would like to use the M12.Foundation-Site and then extend it with my own templates and node types.

So to include the other Root.ts2 I would need to do something like this?

// Include the base projects ts2
include: …/M12.FoundationSite/Root.ts2

I would try

include: resource://M12.FoundationSite/Private/TypoScript/Root.ts2
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Awesome, works :slight_smile:

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