Features and Improvements Neos 3.0 (Version-controll?)

is there something in the release pipeline for data-versioning/version-controlling in Neos?
In roadmap I only can see the version life cycle of Neos not the planed features.

  • Is something like «new features for version XY» somewhere to look on?
  • Is node-data-versioning planed or implemented in v3.0 or usable with some Package?

(In “nodedata” table I can see the “version” column. Maybe there is a solution to use)

of the missing answer: A preview of upcoming planed features in future Neos-versions (3.1, 3.3 LTS, 4.0, …) will probably nowhere listed?!..

But I’cant even figure out the new features and improvements of 3.0. Maybe I’m searching for the wrong terms or at crazy places …

Quote from Neos 3.0 and Flow 4.0 Developer Preview Blog-Post

In addition to new features and hundreds of improvements, Neos 3.0 and Flow 4.0 will come with …

A list or something similar would gave me an idea about the effort of the 3.0 upgrade (without install and try and error stuff). Also for an own-code-change “cost use bill” for do current project upgrades.
Would be great someone could gave me a hint in the right direction.


As an open source project we can neither predict nor dictate what contributors work on, therefore we cannot give you a date and promise features currently. We decided for dates for now and do not define which features will be in the release. We have a few core areas we are working on though and nodes with history (key point event sourcing) is in the works but is a big effort.

You are right though that we could give a list for the upcoming release Neos 3.0 and Flow 4.0. I don’t have one from the top of my head but I guess we can collect things…

Would be great.

Of course.
Thought there might be something like a community-internal sort of wish-plan or estimated/desired level-target points, which is written in some slack- or forum-post: Which I can’t find, because I’m looking for the wrong terms.

Thank you for your answer

Yep indeed, a “roadmap” of highlighted topics we try to work on would be good, I think we will try to produce that.

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