Fetch properties from reference nodes


I am currently trying to do the following: On my website, I have the DocumentNode “Vcg.IwwNodeTypes:Documents.Zielgruppe”, which references one or more DocumentNodes “Vcg.IwwNodeTypes:Documents.Schwerpunkt”. “.IwwNodeTypes:Documents.Schwerpunkt” in turn contains one or more references to DocumentNodes of type “Vcg.IwwNodeTypes:Documents.Informationsdienst”.
I am now creating a ContentNode which has a reference to one or more “zielgruppe”-Nodes. From this I somehow need to get to the properties of the according “informationsdienst”-Nodes.
I tried several things but somehow I did’t manage to get this far in fusion.
Is there any good way I can achieve this?
I have still some ideas that I want to try but I already spent more time on this then I wanted to so I wanted to see if someone has an idea how to get to the information I need.

One example of what I tried:

  zielgruppen = ${q(node).property('zielgruppen')}

  schwerpunkte = ${Array.map(
  zielgruppe => zielgruppe.properties.schwerpunkte

# doesn't work because my array of schwerpunkte is nested
  infodienste = ${Array.map(
  schwerpunkt => schwerpunkt.properties.infodienste



Hi Sabine,

you could solve this with Array.reduce instead. Because there you can use Array.concat to merge the items.

So f.e. (untested)

schwerpunkte = ${Array.reduce(this.zielgruppen, (items, zielgruppe) => Array.concat(items, zielgruppe), [])}

And so on… Or create a custom helper to implement this in PHP.


Hi Sebastian,

thank you very much. The custom php helper would’ve also been my next choice. But the reduce worked and was just what I needed, thanks!



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