First NeosCMS sprint after two years

It’s been a while since the last sprint in Vienna.
It was awesome to spend a whole week on Neos with such an awesome crowd of people.

We have achieved a lot and also founded the new Neos foundation.
Due to the pandemic we could not have a physical NeosCon and no sprints anymore.

As we are now vaccinated, and it seems to be possible again, we plan to have a sprint from 8th - 12th November. The locations can again the Sandstorm meeting room in the beautiful Dresden or a Hotel with a conference room in Ebendorf near Magdeburg.

We would to use a poll to let the team decide where we will go.

As the location in Magdeburg is a Hotel, we need to pay for the room.


The sandstorm office is well known I guess, and we can have the meeting room for free.
We have the ability for lunch in the office complex and already know a lot of stuff we can do in Dresden. But we need to find hotels and so on, on our own.

Magdeburg (Hotel Bördehof Barleben - Ebendorf
Magdeburger Str. 42 , 39179 Barleben - Ebendorf - Ebendorf)

It is a hotel complex, and we are able to work and sleep there. So could be a quite intense time like a class trip. A room cost circa 75 Euros, but there is also another Hotel (NH Hotel) and of course lots of hotels in Magdeburg as well. We have never been there, and for some of us the way is a bit shorter than to Dresden.

We can of course also visit Magdeburg and check out the old parts of the town like the Dome and have a little sightseeing. Or if the weather is okish we can also check out the beautiful nature at the Riverbed.

Sadly it is not the mid of Germany, so that is shorter for all of us.
The Room will cost 100 Euro a day, but maybe we find a sponsor for that.

So let’s decide where the sprint should take place.

  • Hotel Bördehof (Magdeburg)
  • Sandstorm Office (Dresden)

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Ebendorf is a bit outside. But not easier for people with cars and when you stay in the hotel the car can be parked on the hotel ground and the door will be closed in the evening.

People who take the train, can use the bus to Ebendorf or call me and I will pick them up from the main station :wink:

The Voting is over, and we will have our first sprint in Dresden :slight_smile: