Fixed disallowed childnodes

is it possible to define childnodes of a nodetype, that is disallowed in the contraints section?
i want a searchpage a fixed childnode of the homepage without allowing to create multiple searchsites.

      type: 'Example:SearchPage'
      'Example:SearchPage': false

result: in the backend the inspector changes the nodetype to something allowed.
any ideas?

If it’s just a “static” part of the page, and not something that requires properties from the inspector, you could add it to the template with either fusion or inside your HTML? (depending on what way you built up the page)

i want the searchpage beeing availible on the document tree as a nomal document-type but dissallow users to create multiple instances of the searchpage. something like a singleton-pattern

Use a nodeprivilege to only allow administrators to create such page

Both links have some example on how to configure it

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