Flow bugfix releases: 5.3.24, 6.0.21, 6.1.15, 6.2.10, 6.3.7 & 7.0.4

I tagged new bugfix releases for Flow yesterday. They fix a whole bunch of bugs:

Most notably, a database connection is no longer established if the request has nothing to persist. This should slightly improve performance for requests that do not involve persisted entities and also for safe requests (GET) that did not change any entities.

On top, this release adds support for PHP8 to 7.0.4:

This makes our code base work on PHP 8. It does not yet add support for PHP 8 features.

You will likely still be able to use e.g. promoted properties, null-safe operators or match-expressions, but union types and attributes will come with the next minor version earliest. Check out https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/pull/2404 for a preview.

The released versions are:

Thanks to those who contributed!