Flow change to PSR-15 middlewares

With the upcoming Flow 6.2 release we want to add PSR-15 middlewares support and start the move away from the old Http components and their stateful ComponentContext.

The change will make it possible to keep using your existing components without changes for now, but the goal is to completely remove the component chain with next major version (~ at the end of the year).

The point to switch is that we want to make it possible to use existing middlewares with Flow (e.g. https://github.com/middlewares/psr15-middlewares) and possibly at some point make Flow core be a middleware itself that could be used in other PSR setups. That latter point is still only an idea rather than a thought thew goal though.

The change is still highly WIP, but should already work when installed. If you feel like fiddling around, feel free to play around with that change and give feedback, it would be highly appreciated.

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