Flow Production Context no changes applied to site

I set FLOW_CONTEXT=Production to my live site. Today I had to push the first bugfix. But I was surprised that changes I did to my Templates are not applied to the page. After some testing I recognized that its caused by the “FLOW_CONTEXT=Production” entry in my .htaccess. After setting back to “Development” the changes are applied to the site. Changing back to “Production” the changes disappear from the site.
How do I publish to a Production site?

Hi @tomole,
you have to flush your Production - Cache on the Server.
The Production Context writes in /Data/Temporary/Production while Development Context writes to /Data/Temporary/Development .

The Production Context writes way more caches to reach a better performance. Most of them are disabled in Development. Therefore you see the changes in Development-Context right away without to flush the caches.

You can flush the cache on the server with this command: ./flow flow:cache:flush

Another option is to delete the Folder /Data/Temporary/Production if you don’t have access to the cli on the server. But this might have side effects e.g. not flushing your Redis-Cache if you use it.

Depending on your server configuration, you also might have to clear the php opcache.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, this helped a lot. To flash Production cache explicitly I did:

FLOW_CONTEXT=Production ./flow flow:cache:flush --force