Flow REST Api Foundation

Have you found yourself reinvent a Rest API in Flow projects? I have :slightly_smiling_face:

@a.berl has been sitting on a gem :gem: that he shared with me last week.

A Flow package, that with few lines of configuration, give you a full blown REST Api :partying_face:

Together, we updated the code to fit with latest 6.3 LTS and current master

There is setup instructions and a link to a demo package, so you can get a glimpse of, how this is going to be set up - all included in the README :heart_eyes:

This is not a official Flowpack atm, but who know where this might end :open_mouth:

Give it a try, ask questions here :wave:


Sorry for sitting on this for so long :slight_smile: I think I mentioned it once or twice in slack to individual people working on a REST API, so thank you very much for the appreciation and visibility of this old code of mine you create! Let’s see if we can make this into something more generally useable!

I believe we are up for a good start - using it and finding own usecases, brings great ideas to mind :slight_smile: