Fluid integration into Patternlab.io

Hey there,
here in my company we are planning a new project based on neos cms. We also decided to use atomic design driven by patternlab ://patternlab.io. Therefore we want to write an integration of neos/fluid for patternlabs, so that fluid can be used as a patternlab ‘language’.
When trying to use typo3/fluid ://github.com/neos/fluid as a standalone render engine for patternlabs, i began to struggle because of dependecies onto unexpected flow classes.
When doing some more research, i found this pull request ://discuss.neos.io/t/fluid-standalone-pull-request-help-for-testing-needed/1526 that also refers to typo3fluid/fluid ://github.com/TYPO3/Fluid, that looks like a cleaned up version of fluid that can be used more easily.

Can you give me a hint, which project to use for writing the pattlenlab integration, please?
Any helpful information would be useful


Yes no problem,

so from Neos 3.0 (Flow 4.0) on (which will be released this month) we use the standalone fluid implementation you can find here: https://github.com/TYPO3/Fluid/

That would be your best bet to integrate and I planned that as well but won’t have time anytime soon. I can help with answers though.

Note that obviously in that case VHs are pretty limited because any other viewhelpers have dependencies on flow or neos.

There is already a living styleguide for Neos but it i is based on fusion/ts2 instead of fluid. Offcourse you can use fluid if you like. The result is not exactly like patternlab but more like react-storybook.


Maybe this is useful for you. Offcourse a fluid based approach would be very useful for those who are not using fusion/ts2 for almost everything :slight_smile:

Regards, Martin

Thanx for the hint. I will have a look at this - but think in our case it will be eventually problematic, because the frontend guy isn’t to fusion at all - and i think it will be easier for him with the patternlabs approach.

Thank u for the info. We already started with the implementation. Hopefully we will be able to open source this - i’ll give feedback when we are done and the project is on github.

Much fun and success. I am curious what will be the result so please share if possible. And also share what your experiences where.