«Forgot Password?» for Login-Screen

I’m looking for a «Forgot Password?»-Solution for Editor’s Login-Screen?
No match on Packagist.org.

Does anyone know a Plugin/Package/Solution? Or how you solve this?

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Haven’t seen one unfortunately.

You can implement a custom package that overrides the views and introduce a new method using traits (since Flow 3.2). Alternatively you can extend the existing controller and override the authentication configuration to use that controller instead and provide custom routes for it.

Also you need to figure out a way to ensure every user has an email attached.

I’d be happy to implement such a package and release it for everyone like I did with AE.BruteForce and other packages if you’d prefer that, get in touch if so :slight_smile:

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Hi aertmann,

sounds great.
The two paragraphs before show me, I have to dive even deeper into Neos Universe.
I do not know if I can acquire the skills. There is currently much, that is unknown. But I would like to get in touch.