many stumbling blocks on my way to rev up with Neos…
So one more Topic – excuse me:

I would try the advantage of «typo3/formbuilder» for create easier and more complex forms. Maybe I misunderstand the integration in Neos. But I found the package in Packagist and the name «JavaScript
typo3/formbuilder» and especially the comment in the package «simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle»
####Neos Integration for the TYPO3.FormBuilder

let me conclude, that I would have to install this package first/too.
Unfortunately, no matter how I do this, the installation of this package always throwing errors.
I tried with:
– composer require simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle -> ERROR
write manually in compser.json under require (“simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle”: “^0.1.0” | OR “*” | OR “^1.0.0” OR “^0.1.1”) -> ERROR

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

  Problem 1
    - Installation request for simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle ^1.0 -> satisfiable by simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle[1.0.0].
    - simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle 1.0.0 requires typo3/formbuilder * -> satisfiable by typo3/formbuilder[dev-master] but these conflict with your requirements or minimum-stability.

I understand too little of composer to understand what’s going wrong.
Most likely I have anywhere else to adjust something, or it goes in the present without the bridge package “FormBuilderBundle”.

I found no matches to make a step forward. in Google (1. for «neos formbuilder» > simplyadmire, other no declarative infos about installing in Neos), in the forum (0 for formbuilder)

Would appreciate help once again and thank you for your patience…

Even a blind squirrel will find a nut …

I’ve got a area «Form Builder» in Backend and could even open the Form Builder Editor for a test-form. But first my way:

I could only install the formbuilder in version typo3/formbuilder with write it manually in composer.json under “require”: "typo3/formbuilder": "dev-master"
next I installed the Neos-Bundle with composer require simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle
All trials before, with direct install within Terminal and composer threw errors because of typo or minimum-stability settings.
But the Github PackageName: «neos/form-builder» gave me hope. Neos sounds good!
Unfortunatelly in Packagist there is no similar package and composer can’t find it also with manually inclusion in composer.json. So I tried the typo3/formbuilder.

Maybe I did something wrong.
####Is there an other config-file somewhere, within I could set dev-master for formbuilder? I think this was the reason for unpleasant errors.

I hope I will find the way to use the formbuilder. Documentation seems written for insider who like to extend the tool. But maybe I will find the path with try and error or somewhere with friend google or help from Neos/Formbuilder-pros.

####But most important: Should the package work like I installed, or are there some buggy problems, and this is the reason for no installable situation or the definition «dev-master»?
The video ( is too tempting not to try at least

Looks like it would work with some file-movements and yaml-adjustments. Great tool!
But I have to try some more advanced pieces of forms.

Hey @mad

I can recommend this Form Builder:

The original installation problem is because the typo3/formbuilder package does not have any tags / branches that can be read as versions by composer. By default the minimum-stability of composer does not allow to pull in development versions (master branch for example).

To install the package you can use the following commands:

composer require typo3/formbuilder:@dev
composer require simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle:^1.0.0

looks promising, I should give it a try at some point :wink:

Hi dbuecker,
Do you know, is there also a packagist version?
Unfortunatelly I can’t find it.
With the Gibhub version there a so many additional questions and requirements in the update-process of «composer update».

Hi radmirall,
I tried to install the cron-eu/noes-formbuilder.
Your recommendation with @dev works great.

Next I would like to see dbuecker recommendation.
I’m not sure but I think the eu-cron package has problem with my swiftmailer version (5.4). It looks like ( this package would like to have version ~5.3 of swiftmailer.
I tried to install with manuel edited composer.json. «cron/neos-formbuilder: "dev-master"under require and also under “reqiure-dev”. Both with an composer Error:
- cron/neos-formbuilder dev-master requires typo3/swiftmailer ~5.3.0 -> satisfiable by typo3/swiftmailer[5.3.1] but these conflict with your requirements or minimum-stability.

Under “require” there is also the line for swiftmailer: "typo3/swiftmailer": "^5.4",

Do you have maybe a good workaround to do the composer install/update for do this?
Or do I have downgrade the swiftmailer?
Or maybe clone the cron-eu package and overwrite for try out the composer.json of this cloned package?
Or write to the package-creator from cron/neos-formbuilder for update the composer.json.

It is the first time, that I have to deal so close and on skin contact with composer …
I don’t know a recommended way and can’t find something about in google.

Hey @mad ,

im not exactly sure anymore if i used composer to install the FormBuilder. I downloaded the zipfile from github.

Iam using the 5.4.1 version of TYPO3.Swiftmailer and the Cron/FormBuilder works fine.

I dont know if there is a packagist version of the FormBuilder. I found the github repository via google.

thank you @dbuecker,
I installed cron/neos-formbuilder with downgrade swiftmailer for trial (with composer update at least).

###I’m not sure, if it is clean installed. Maybe you could tell me, how your doing is to create a new form?

#####In typo3/formbuilder with simplyadmire/bundle I get an new Area in the main-Menu top-left (hamburger menu) with Fom-Builder point. This opens a hole new area for form-building, also with possibility for multi-site form.

With cron/neos-formbuilder, in my neos-test-installation there is no extra Main-Hamburger-Menu-Point but I found a new point in «create New»-Popup in area «plugin».
###Is this the same in your installation (no main-menu extending, but new «create New» point)?
###Did you create multi-site forms with this?

Would be nice to hear about. Maybe I did something wrong…

Yes there is only a new entry in the «create New» Popup-Menu.

You get a container, in this you can add FormElements by opening the «create New» (In FormBuilder Context).

In structure-Tree you will see two contentContainer. The first is for your form. The second one is for response once you submitted the form.

I dont think you can create multi site form with this builder. but im not entirely sureabout that.

I hope this will help a little :wink:

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@dbuecker Great thanks, It helps !

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