Funding for Codesprint and Neos Dev Camp Nürnberg 2016

(Andreas Förthner) #1

Hi all,

I finally managed to do the clearing for the Neos Code Sprint and Dev Camp in Nürnberg this year. Here are the details for both events:


Location (Both events) Drinks/Dinner (Dev Camp): 3000 EUR
Breakfast (Dev Camp): 312.38 EUR
Lunch (Dev Camp): 471 EUR
Drinks (Code Sprint): 131.61 EUR
Accommodation (Code Sprint): 1882.40 EUR

Total: 5797.39 EUR


Tickets (Dev Camp): 544.42 EUR
Gold Sponsor (gesagt.getan.): 1000 EUR
Breakfast Sponsor (yeebase): 300 EUR
Lunch Sponsor (internezzo ag): 500 EUR
Beer Sponsor (yeebase): 200 EUR

Total: 2544.42 EUR

Needed Funding from the Neos Project: 3,252.97 EUR

I invite every member to vote for this budget request. Thank’s for your support!


PS: If it helps, netlogix would offer to take over some of this amount by transforming it into a Neos Gold Badge. However, Tobi said it might make sense from a taxes perspective to invoice it directly.

Team Tiga - Team Meeting, 2016-10-25
(Christian Müller) #2

Sure, should be reimbursed obviosuly.

(Tobias Gruber) #3

Just a small remark from my side: of course I would like for netlogix to become a Gold Supporter (@andi) :slight_smile: Even if it means we need to find other ways to spend our available budget :wink:

(Gina Steiner) #4

We should reimburse, and I also like the offer of netlogix to take over some of this amount by transforming it into a Neos Gold Badge.

(Andreas Förthner) #5

Hi all,

thanks for your answers an support! We came to the following: I invoiced the whole amount and netlogix is a gold supporter from now on. That was the easiest way to handle all this.

Greets Andi