Funding Request: Create additional video tutorials

The current getting started guide covers basics but does not yet explain more complex NodeTypes and other requirements.

What I would like to do:

  • Replacing the “Local Setup” video (I collected feedback from junior developers and this needs to be easier)
  • Preparing the content and filming videos for:
    • Explain rendering of a menu
    • Building DDD NodeTypes
    • Rendering lists or queried content in Neos
    • And advanced topics like localization, forms, node migrations, data source, … as much time as there is…

While the premise here is the more the better, it’s important to find the sweetspot. When I did the first videos minute of video content was roughly 10min of work. My goal is that people can build their first website after they have seen the videos.

  • 30 hours of creating video content and getting feedback
  • Video cutting for around EUR 750 (I would like to give this to the same guy as last time, I hope he is available. Others might be more expensive)

Requested budget: EUR 3.750,- net

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