Funding request: Flow Welcome Package / Introduction distribution

What is the purpose of this project?

For a newcomer to the Flow Framework to clone and install a “Welcome” / “Introduction” package giving a warm welcome.

Similar to how Neos.Welcome works today as the “Entry” but with a updated look, feel and content.

What does it take to get started?

We already have all we need.

  1. A lovely framework (Flow)
  2. A rendering engine (Fluid)
  3. A number of existing “Welcome package” from other projects to get inspiration from

What could take this to a “higher level” would be a number of keywords or topics that such package should cover. Perhaps from the Marketing team, Core team and anyone else.

Pleaes note: This is not meant as a documentation package and content should link to the and similar.

When is it considered done?

It’s considered done when:

  • We have a welcome package
  • We have a “Welcome” / “Introduction” distribution that can be installed with composer create-project ...
  • Updated the text on to reflect this change

How long does it take?

A estimate will be one week focused work (30h)

How mouch money are you asking for?

Not knowing the hourly rate this is calculated with a hourly rate of €100

30 hours * €100 = €3000