General noob stuff (Feedback)

First off I want to thank everyone for their
efforts and for creating such a cool platform! I hope it will be noob
friendly soon…

Anyway… When I first started playing around with Neos I had a heck of a
time getting it to work. The install instruction on the main download
page may want to include a few notations. For example:


First step Easy: curl -s | php

Second step, Easy: cd /your/htdocs/

Third step, small problem: php /path/to/composer.phar create-project --no-dev typo3/neos-base-distribution Neos-2.0

On the 3rd step, I didnt realize I had to have git installed on my
computer (Fresh OS LAMP install), so the install failed a few times.
Once I installed it, all was smooth.

Forth step: virtual host … I did as the instructions stated, but it
wouldn’t work. After I added the lined below to the virtual host, the
setup page worked.

<Directory /var/www/html/Neos-2.0/Web/>

AllowOverride ALL

It may also be a good idea to note the command below will need to be run
once the files are in place. I had to look at multiple files to figure
this out.

sudo ./flow core:setfilepermissions john www-data www-data

I guess the other solution would be to remove all the instruction on the
download page and just reference the Installation section of the
Documentation (
I’m finding documentation is abundant, but very fragmented and in
multiple places. Unfortunately a lot of searching needs to be done to
find a full answer.


Now if I want to modify and edit the demo site, there’s no problem doing
so… seems straight forward, except for modifying some elements and a
few other things… Some a bit overwhelming, but I’m sure that would pass
with more use. So the demos site give a good feel for…how to do

However the statements, Mastering Content Intuitively, Simple operation,
Short learning period, and No training required, I have a hard time
agreeing with. Once again, for the demo site sure…

I wanted to attempt to build a new site and failed. (If I remember
correctly I need to create a template…?) Long story short, I have no
idea how to go about that. I also tried to find some documentation as to
what a “package key” is and couldn’t locate anything.

I was very excited to find the documentation Your First Site ( but fell short of telling me how to go about building my first site.

I dont know if this is possible, but I know Drupal has a few standard
templates/themes to start people off. Maybe this is something that Neos
can have to help kick start noobs? This in theory would at least get new
users building and creating content with Neos.

Remember, this is all from a noob perspective, and I have no real skills
at coding, and can only slightly modify code from my Drupal experience
(I think Neos will blow the doors off Drupal at some point). To build a
template or create a new site using Neos for my skill level at this
point… doesn’t sound easy to do, use, or learn.

Documentation seems a bit overwhelming and fractured, making it
difficult to find answers for someone at my skill level. If I can even
say I’m at a skill level ;).

Once again, this is all written from someone that has no real experience
with Neos, but wants to use it. If this its read as a rant, I
apologies. It should read more like an ignorant noob giving feedback.

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Thanks for taking the time to write this down! And no worries, this cannot be mistaken as a rant, IMHO.

Indeed great feedback, can all go back to the documentation :smile:

Thanks! I cant wait to have neos at a level where I can use it! It seems very powerful!!

I agree that the site kickstarter should build something more useful.